Dufour 310

The Grand Large range continues to expand with boats that perfectly combine comfort, performance…

The dufour 310 GL, a small and large boat at the same time

The Grand Large range continues to expand with boats that perfectly combine comfort, performance and timeless design.

Dufour Yachts, which has been producing boats for 50 years, is expanding its product range by launching a 31-foot boat, inspired by the same design and integrating the same technology as the largest units. Particular attention has been paid to the ease of use of this boat, which can also be equipped with a retractable ballast. Ideal for sailing in lakes or shallow waters.

Fruit of our passion for sailing, the 310 GL is a fast cruiser whose waterline, deck and interior design are in perfect harmony.
It is the sum of these skills that allow Dufour Yachts to position itself as one of the leaders on the international market.

This sailboat will provide unlimited pleasure: it is fast, easy to handle, well balanced, comfortable and easy to sail, even on its own. There are many reasons why this model is so special, starting with its design. Once again Dufour Yachts has placed its trust in the talented and innovative design of Umberto Felci, the Italian architect with whom the French shipyard won the American and European Boat of the Year Award in 2012 with the Dufour 36 Performance, the Grand Large 310 embodies the sailing style that Dufour has introduced in these boats over the past 50 years. Driven by an authentic passion for the sea, the company has combined design, technology, performance, innovation and safety. A small boat that has everything of a big one, here is the concept of the 310 GL which benefits from the same technologies, iconic style and comfort as the large and luxurious models in the Grand Large range.

At first glance, you will be seduced by the aerodynamic lines and appearance of the 310 GL. This fast cruiser is easy to operate (even on its own). With a length of only 9.35m, the 310 GL perfectly embodies Dufour Yachts' philosophy and timeless design.


technical details

Largeur : 3,20 m
Capacité en eau : 160 L
Capacité en carburant : 90 L
Motorisation : 20 CV / 20 hp
Tirant d'eau : 1,90 m
Longueur hors tout : 9,67 m
Longueur de flottaison : 8,70 m
Longueur de coque : 9,35 m
Déplacement lège : 4 940 kg
Surface de voilure : 50,3 m²