Dufour 530

True to its designer Umberto Felci, the Dufour 530 look is distinguished by its racy shell…

Dufour 530, a new sailboat born from the Grand Large and Performance ranges

True to its designer Umberto Felci, the Dufour 530 look is distinguished by its racy shell plating insert and powerful rear sections. The design was finely crafted, particularly on the transom, with the extension of lʼinsert and the polyester cut-outs at the engine dʼair inlets and outlets.

Positioned on the 50-foot segment, the Dufour 530 measures 16.30 metres in total length and 4.99 metres at the midship. It has an impressive front volume that is beneficial at lʼespace in the owner's cabin or in the double front cabin in charter version. In addition, a skipper's cabin is available as an option on lʼensemble of the versions.

The cockpit of the Dufour 530 Grand Large

In terms of external functionalities, the Dufour 530 includes all the brand's must-have features :

  • cockpit closed by its rear seats, with its large plancha and sink
  • optional integrated dʼannexe possoirs
  • huge aft deck with integrated bathing ladder.

Its cockpit features an innovative layout focusing on lʼoptimisation for on-board traffic. The passage between the cockpit bottom and the decks is cleared by lʼintermédiaire dʼune walking between the seats and the helm stations. This ensures that traffic remains free of obstructions even when the bimini is open.

Inspired by the Dufour 63, a real rear bed/sunbath is available as an option. In addition, it hides a large trunk that has lʼavantage dʼaugmenter considerable outdoor storage capacity.

In order to dʼoptimiser manage the technical management, an equipment area has been set up under the cockpit. It is easily accessible from the cockpit bottom and from a hatch on the transom for easy inspection and maintenance.

3 possible variations

The Dufour 530 is available in three versions, which are perfectly distinct in terms of their characteristics and manoeuvring plans.

The "Easy" version sʼadapte for owners and renters looking for simplicity. It has a roof free of any obstruction with manoeuvres applied to the coamings.

The "Ocean" version sʼadresse for owners who want a traditional manoeuvring plan, with halyard manoeuvres and the mainsail trolley on the roof and dʼécoutes manoeuvres on the coamings.

The "Performance" version will seduce sailors, with its dʼécoute point at the bottom of the cockpit, its six winches and its hydraulic power unit for backstays and vangas. In its Performance version, the Dufour 530 promises intense sensations. The finish offers an extended mast and boom for an increased sail area of 20 m². The 2.80 metre keel is completed at dʼun lead bulb. Finally, the signature and Performance equipment give it a pure-bred look.

The Dufour 530 facilities

The Dufour 530 is available in four versions dʼaménagements, with lʼexclusivité dʼune jusquʼà version jusquʼà 6 cabins, with double pullman cabin, and three bathrooms. Lʼensemble versions are available with the transverse skipper cabin.

Lʼaménagement interior is faithful to lʼADN Dufour with its large kitchen located at lʼavant from the square.
New finishing elements such as venetian blinds, Corian kitchen borders and multiple leather inserts demonstrate a global move up the range.

In conclusion, Dufour offers a new innovative and feature-rich model.
The versatility of its manoeuvring plans and interior fittings suggests a strong success in the owner and charter markets.


technical details

Longueur hors tout : 16,35 m
Longueur de coque : 15,50 m
Longueur de flottaison : 14,97 m
Largeur : 4,99 m
Tirant d'eau : 2,30 m
Déplacement lège : 17 774 kg
Surface de voilure :  119 m²
Motorisation : Volvo 75 / 110 CV
Capacité en eau : 680 L
Capacité en carburant : 440 L