Dufour 61

DUFOUR 61, a superb flagship yacht

Because ease rhymes with performance, Dufour reconciles these two concepts in a single boat and thus guarantees you incomparable sailing experiences.

The Dufour 61 has been designed to offer simple and instinctive navigation, high performance and rich in sensations. Luxury and ease of navigation are her two key words to guarantee you incomparable sailing experiences on this superb yacht..

Interior of the Dufour 61...

A kitchen area and a living room at your convenience:

The Dufour 61 offers 2 different kitchen layouts, while maintaining a spacious and bright living space. The layout with the front kitchen allows the different living areas to be interconnected.

The longitudinal galley on the port side shows great ingenuity with its various layouts giving the feeling of being in a chef's kitchen... This layout gives way to a large, warm and bright saloon.

A very beautiful owner's cabin:

The owner's cabin, both spacious and luxurious, offers you a privileged space of relaxation and intimacy on the boat. Its large wardrobe and its various cupboards promise you endless storage possibilities.

Exterior of the Dufour 61...

An optimized deck layout :

The layout of the deck has been designed to guarantee the robustness of the boat, safety on board and also extreme comfort. The bulwark is directly integrated into the hull of the boat. Moreover, the roof has been designed to leave room for a large foredeck that is both comfortable and elegant.

Traffic, line and light :

The deck plan allows for ease of use and thus leaves room for the sailing experience. The large hatches and portholes provide the brightness and style that are essential to the new Dufour range.

An ingenious bimini:

The design and layout of the Dufour 61 offers great mobility on deck thanks to its specially thought-out cockpit and bimini designed for this purpose. It's a perfect combination of performance and comfort.



Longueur hors tout : 19,22 m
Longueur de coque : 18,30 m
Longueur de flottaison : 17,62 m
Largeur : 5,48 m
Tirant d'eau : 2,80 m
Déplacement lège : NC
Surface de voilure : 184 m²
Motorisation : 180 CV
Capacité en eau : 880 L
Capacité en carburant : 830 L