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Come and talk to us about your projects! The LB Yachting team will be present at the Nautic de Paris… Lire plus
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The ultimate pleasure of sailing

Established for more than 50 years in the Roche region, the Dufour Yachts shipyard has been able to evolve through several periods of boating since 1957 by building boats that have been acclaimed by sailors all over the world for their elegance, performance and comfort.

SOLARIS range: Italian-style design

The Solaris shipyard is well known to boaters, as is its philosophy of building strong and safe sailboats, claiming to be "built for sailors".

Since 2008, it has been producing motor boats, including the new Solaris Power range, which meets the same quality standards as sailboats.


BALI catamarans: Pleasure and sensations guaranteed!

The BALI range has a unique and recognizable DNA. BALI catamarans are the result of the R&D department of the CATANA shipyard, a legendary brand renowned for its high-performance and top-of-the-range catamarans.

BALI has also inherited the quality of construction and finishes, all enhanced by real technical innovations that allow a great improvement in comfort and habitability.


Our boat fleet in Antibes

Renting is a service we offer to our customers, boat owners, who wish to optimize the annual costs by renting their boat a few weeks a year: they entrust it to us as their most precious asset.

At LB Yachting you can enjoy boats from owners, configured with love and passion, and in excellent condition because they are meticulously maintained.


Our second-hand boats ads

At LB Yachting we offer for sale a list of carefully selected second-hand boats that are waiting to make future owners dream.

Our other services

Our service offer is probably the main added value of LB Yachting. Our portfolio of services is very complete and allows all our customers to enjoy their boats without worrying about financial, logistical, technical management constraints as well as regular maintenance and servicing.