Solaris 111 RS - The largest in the range

The largest of the semi-custom range, the Solaris 111 RS offers an unparalleled level of comfort. Above deck, it is in keeping with the Solaris philosophy of having a powerful yet manageable sail plan for a small crew. Below deck, the Solaris 111 RS offers a high degree of flexibility for owners and crew that will meet both the needs of the owners and the requirements of a potential charter, accommodating up to nine/ten guests with crew. The care, craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident on the Solaris 111.

Like the Solaris 80 RS, the 111 RS is produced in Solaris' advanced composites factory, allowing the hull and deck to be constructed from carbon. The yacht is equipped with a hydraulically operated keel that reduces the draft from 6m to 3.8m, offering both performance and stability, with the convenience of a shallower draft for anchoring.

Further information on the Solaris 111 RS is available on request.


Plan Solaris 111 RS
Plan Solaris 111 RS

technical details

Longueur de coque : 33,77 m
Longueur de la ligne d'eau: 32,16 m
Largeur : 7,90 m
Motorisation : 425 Hp
Capacité en eau : 1 700 L
Capacité en carburant : 4 400 L