La forme de la grand voile du Solaris 40 ST est devenue plus carrée en tête avec une chute verticale pour apporter plus de puissance et d’équilibre au bateau.

New SOLARIS 40 ST : A step into the future.

The design of a sailboat's sails has always been the determining factor in its behaviour at sea. It is the result of constant research and development aimed at improving performance and handling.

The shape of the mainsail, for example, has evolved towards a more square-headed appearance, with a vertical leech to give the boat more power and balance.

It was with this in mind that the 40 ST Square Top was born, offering the following advantages:

- A horned mainsail, synonymous with greater efficiency and maximum power at the top of the sail.
- A more manoeuvrable mainsail, thanks to a shorter boom and an edge length comparable to that of the jib.
- Superior aerodynamic performance, with reduced drag and improved overall balance.
- Optimised cockpit space, making it easier to fit a bimini.

The Solaris 40 ST rig is an option for the Solaris 40 model, paving the way for the future of this type of high-performance, comfortable sailing yacht.



Longueur hors tout : 12,36 m
Longueur de coque :
Longueur de la ligne d'eau: 11,70 m
Largeur : 4,10 m
Motorisation : Volvo Pento 30-50-60 HP
Capacité en eau : 350 L
Capacité en carburant : 200 L