New deck line, new hull design, more efficient bilges, selection of new comfort options…

Dufour 430 Large new hull design....

The 430 Grand Large represents the next generation of Dufour Grand Large hulls. Umberto Felci's signature, with recent innovations inspired by the Dufour Exclusive range, is distinguished by the integration of the bulwarks and the new hull design. In addition, the large volume at the front and the modern lines at the rear make this hull more spacious and efficient.

The Dufour 430 has been designed with many new ideas in mind. The yacht offers a real balance between navigation and the space offered above and below the bridges.

New bridge - modernity and functionality

The proportions of the roof have changed compared to those of the Grand Large yachts. They now offer more interior space while maintaining a pleasant side deck width, as a distinctive value of Dufour sailboats.

New deck line with LEDs illuminating the wide decks, a more spacious cockpit and refitted with new consoles for electronic instruments. The completely enclosed stern offers beautiful helmsman's seats, incorporating an outdoor kitchen (plancha and sink).

Interior of the Dufour 430

The Dufour 430 benefits from all the know-how of Dufour Yacht in terms of interior design and finishing. It is a solid and functional piece of furniture. The cabins and heads are spacious and dressed with top quality materials. The standard configuration has been greatly improved with USB sockets, LEDs and various accessories, as well as equipment, as shown by the capacity of the water heater, which has increased from 20L to 40L.

There is always the choice of three woodwork (Moabi, Oak & Teak). The Dufour 430 GL is composed at the front of its owner's cabin with its en suite bathroom. At the rear, you can configure it in two or three cabins (pullman) with a bathroom on the port when you go down.

A selection of new options have emerged as a bimini with an LED ribbon to light up your cokcpit table. You will have the possibility to install Permateek instead of natural Teak, a "night blue" or "pearl grey" hull paint...

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technical details

Longueur hors tout : 13,24 m
Longueur de coque : 12,50 m
Longueur de flottaison : 11,69 m
Largeur : 4,30 m
Tirant d'eau : 2,10 m (1,75 m (opt)
Déplacement lège : 9 700 kg
Surface de voilure : 92 m²
Motorisation : 50 CV (60 CV opt.)
Capacité en eau : 430 L
Capacité en carburant : 250 L